Best Car Detailing Services in Vancouver

Washing a car is similar to taking a shower for people, while car detailing is a more profound concept. In fact, it is very similar to washing but in a much more detailed manner with extra procedures involved.

Car detailing is something that every car should experience to improve its overall condition and increase its market price. Read this article to learn more about car detailing, the benefits it grants, and the best car detailing service providers.

What is car detailing?

The term ‘car detailing’ does refer to car cleaning but not to car details as it might seem at first. In fact, it is an extended notion of car washing and maintenance, including various kinds of cleaning services.

When referring to the car detailing services, it should be mentioned that each company has a different kind of spectrum for car detailing. However, all of them refer both to the interior and exterior of the automotive vehicles.

Car detailing is aimed to improve the overall condition of the vehicle and make it obviously cleaner inside and out. It uses both washing technologies, vacuuming, brushing, and other cleaning techniques to make your car shiny.

What services are included in car detailing?

There are two major types of services that could be grouped into 2 categories. Those refer to the interior and exterior cleaning procedures for an automotive vehicle.

Exterior cleaning

While exterior cleaning is associated with a casual car washing procedure, it is not really so. This type of cleaning includes a range of procedures that ensure the purity of all the external parts of the vehicle. Below are provided the most commonly used exterior cleaning services in car detailing.

Car wash

This could be either an automatic cleaning similar to that on DYI car cleaning stations or washing by hand. In most cases, car detailing companies choose the second option using special detergents and liquids, which contributes to the removal of every minor residue and stain from the car exterior. Car wash is always the first step in car detailing, and it also serves as the preparatory stage for all other cleaning services.

Car dry

Once the car is washed either automatically or by hand, drying services are needed. Compared to DYI car cleaning, where washing is done automatically, car detailing services rely on manual draining. This procedure is performed with the help of compressed air first, and then the car exterior is wiped down with microfiber tissue.


While some polishing is already done during the stage of drying, a more dedicated effort is applied afterward. Polishing allows for removing hard water spots and other types of stains on the car exterior. Special chemicals or organic substances are used for polishing a vehicle to make it look perfect.


This service is not obligatory in car detailing, but you may ask for it in case you want your car to look absolutely glossy. Sealing implies the application of sealant or wax to the car exterior.

Other external services

Depending on the car detailing company you refer to, the range of available exterior services may vary. Very often, paint oxidation and scratch removals are on the list of available procedures. However, there might also be exclusive procedures that would considerably enhance the overall look of your vehicle.

Interior cleaning

The maintenance of the inside environment of the car has the same or even greater value than that of the exterior. In the car detailing, the interior cleanup involves cleansing of seats, door glasses, dashboard, central panel, and trunk. Below are provided the procedures common in car detailing for making the interior vehicle perfect.


Using hoover for removing food crumbs, pet hair, dust, and other pieces of residue is called vacuuming. This appears to be the first stage in every vehicle cleaning as it removes a considerable amount of rubbish and dirt.

Steam cleaning

While the exterior of automotive vehicles is washed with the help of water and shampoo, interior space needs steam cleaning. In fact, this service is used for the overall refreshment of the inner car space. Steam also acts as a disinfector by removing germs and heavy stains.


If you want your carpets and mats to look brilliant as if they were new, then scrubbing would be applied to them. This procedure involves cleaning crusty areas on carpets using detergents and special liquids.

Leather trimming

If your seats are covered with leather, they would seem worn out after a certain period of time. To make the leather seats shine again, particular leather curing liquids within the leather trimming procedure would be applied.

Tissue cleansing

Most car seats are covered with cloth the quality of which is getting deteriorated over the time. Also, it might also get dirty as drinks spill and food crumbs fall down, so tissue cleansing becomes inevitable in such cases.


Over time, the smell inside the car is changing as the interior elements accumulate various odors. To get rid of any unpleasant smells inside your car, consider asking for perfuming service once car detailing takes place.

When is car detailing needed?

As a casual vehicle cleaning, car detailing should be performed on the regular basis. This might be bi-weekly or once in 2 months depending on the intensity of your car usage.

Performing procedure for exterior and interior car cleaning is also necessary when visible signs of dirt appear. In case you see that the vehicle is heavily covered with dirt or there is an unpleasant odor or contamination inside, feel free to call car detailing services.

Why is car detailing needed?

Some car owners consider that an automatic car wash is the only essential thing for their vehicle maintenance. However, simple car cleaning is never enough if you want to keep your car good-looking new as long as possible.

The reasons for using car detailing services are multiple, including those referring to both esthetics and health. Unlike car wash, detailed cleaning of the vehicle helps to get rid of germs, which is incredibly important for those who have kids. Also, it makes your car neat and refined in all senses.

What are the benefits of car detailing?

The advantages of car detailing are closely connected with the reasons for its use mentioned above. Car detailing is also beneficial for increasing the market price of your vehicle to keep it as high as possible.

Safer vehicle

The interior cleaning procedures within the car detailing imply the removal of every minor germ and crumb inside the car. That way, highly accurate disinfection is performed, which makes your car a safe transportation means for you and your dearest.

Approved status

It is not a secret that a book is judged by its cover, so the way your car looks is very important, especially when you need to use it in your business or personal affairs. The deliberately cleaned car can tell much about you without words and assure high trust levels for those who you cooperate with.

Higher market price

Over some time, the vehicle parts as well as the materials inside it are naturally worn out. Regular car detailing helps to extend the service term of your car by maintaining both internal and external components in the best possible condition.

Car detailing services in Vancouver

To make your car look as if it was produced yesterday, benefit from the best car detailing services in Vancouver. The company Shiny provides mobile car detailing and wash in Vancouver city and the nearby areas.

Ordering car detailing services at Shiny company is quick and easy – it takes several clicks to schedule the full cleaning of your car. Select the car type, choose whether you want the exterior and/or interior detailing, and specify whether you need any additional services. Then schedule an appointment for the car detailing service and the Shiny experts will come to take care of your vehicle.

On the selected time and date, the specialists from Shiny car detailing company will come to you with all the necessary equipment. They have everything needed for performing outstanding car detailing: water and electricity supply, equipment, detergents.

Another reason for choosing Shiny for car detailing is that they support sustainability by using eco-friendly products for cleaning. This helps to preserve nature and use considerably less water than for the usual car wash.


Those who did not know about car detailing as a service and the benefits it brings should not wait to try it. Car detailing ensures that your vehicle would be perfectly clean inside and absolutely glossy out.

Car detailing is more than a simple car wash as it implies precise exterior and interior cleaning. Exterior procedures involve washing a vehicle with shampoo and drying it by hand. This ensures the best results as every minor detail is paid attention to, which means that even small stains would be removed. When it comes to internal cleaning, car detailing ensurea that your car is properly disinfected, vacuumed, refurbished, and refreshed.