Moving your office in bad weather | Commercial movers in Toronto

As residential and commercial movers in Toronto with over a decade of experience, we can tell you one thing: moving is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you move a tiny studio or a giant office, because you, as a customer, will still perceive it as a stressful, can’t-wait-to-finish-with-all-this event. And that is perfectly normal. Of course, things get even more stressful and more complicated when it comes to office moves. Now it’s not just you and your family, but your entire team. And instead of moving three rooms worth of things, you are moving tons of expensive computers and appliances. Yes, we know, many things can go wrong in the process. But there is one queen of things that could go wrong: the weather. We are here today to tell you how to manage a commercial move in bad weather.

Consider the conditions

Not just the weather conditions per se, but consider also the overall context you are in. Are you on the coast, where the climate is more humid, and rains are more often? Or maybe you are planning to move in January, in the middle of winter, because that is when it’s the most convenient to you, business wise? After analysing the context, you will be able to draw some conclusions in terms of what could go wrong and how the weather can impact your move. If it’s wintertime, prepare for some serious delays due to the frost covering the road. Or maybe there is a snowstorm that paralyzed the entire city of Toronto? There can be so many things that aren’t going according to the schedule, if you choose to move in a fickle-weather season! But don’t worry, everything is manageable. Just make sure to prepare properly. Things go much smoother from that point on. Ask commercial movers to help you plan, if needed. Most office movers are more than happy to share some tips or even come to your office to see it and tell you what your needs seem to be in terms of a relocation.

Buckle up

After you acknowledged everything that had to be acknowledged, it is time to start working. The weather forecast announces rain or heavy snow on your moving day? Make sure to wrap everything properly, so that the short trip from the office to the moving truck will not get anything filled with water. A computer or a server can be easily damaged with just a few drops of humidity reaching the wrong place. Luckily, there are moving blankets and moving bins and plastic shrink wrap to help you avoid this unwanted situation. The best choice here is to contact professional commercial movers in Toronto and let them do the work. They are specialized in these sorts of things and they will know how to handle everything properly. If snow or rain is what worries you, you should know that these guys don’t actually have this worry. They know exactly how to handle everything in order to avoid damage at all costs.

Have some backups

And by this we don’t mean you should have another commercial movers in Toronto on hold on your phone, in case something happens to the ones you hired. But for pretty much anything else, it is safe to have a backup. If you move during a period that is prone to have bad weather, you should really have a second moving day planned, in case something goes wrong and you have to postpone. Many movers in Toronto, including Let’s Get Moving, are not scared of bad weather. But in case of a severe snow storm or other extreme weather phenomena, we really don’t want to play smart pants. Especially if the authorities say it’s not safe to be outside or on the road, movers shouldn’t take risks. Losing time is a small price, really. The risks you would be taking could end up costing money and sometimes even people’s health conditions. It is really not worth it. Have backups for anything else that can be impacted by weather conditions. For example, in case of heavy snow, that back door that you were planning on using for the move might be blocked. Or, even regardless of the weather, the elevator you usually use might break. You never know, really, so it is better to have some backup plans.

Hoping this article helped, we are here for you, whenever you need, with more advice. As some of the most popular commercial movers in Toronto, we’ve seen a lot during the past decade, in terms of weather conditions and ways of adapting to them. We are ready to take a challenge, if needed, and we sure hope so are you. We guarantee your safety and the integrity of your belongings are our priorities and we are never reckless when it comes to decisions we make.

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