San Francisco Bay University tries to be innovative and forward-thinking for the betterment of its students.

SFBU is an accredited university that just recently completed a three-year self-study with the goal of being fully compliant with current accreditation standards. The process was arduous but also exciting as San Francisco Bay University took another step towards meeting the needs of its students.

One exciting addition to SFBU in recent years is the implementation of online courses, which are one option for many courses attainable by students attending SFBU. This is different from other colleges and universities because SFBU does not require any physical attendance, so students can learn at their own pace when they have time available in their schedule. All requirements for course completion must be met prior to graduating with a degree from San Francisco Bay University. If a student would like to attend classes on campus, they can still do that as well and will receive the same quality education as any other student. The same holds true for distance learning; students can choose either option and receive the same education. Or better yet, a hybrid program that takes advantage of both options.

San Francisco Bay University also constantly updates its degree programs to provide opportunities for career advancement or beginning a new career path. The University believes that life-long learning continues after traditional education stops. That is why it continually works towards developing educational opportunities for adults who want to continue their education.

SFBU has the unique ability to offer adult students career-specific programs, which are targeted to the needs of businesses seeking employees with particular skills. Students can focus on specialty courses to enhance their programs.

SFBU has enhanced the educational experience for its students. Most universities require physical attendance at scheduled times during the week, but San Francisco Bay University breaks that mold because it offers online courses for many degree programs and concentrations available at their university. This gives adult students more flexibility as to when they can learn, as adults often have busy schedules.

San Francisco Bay University is a private, nonprofit university located in Fremont, California. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in programs such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Business Administration.  SFBU’s educational philosophy includes an absolute commitment to academic excellence, programs available to both full-time and working adult students, effective business practices, and teaching methods and environments conducive to the development of devoted graduates enriched with critical thinking skills.

Throughout your learning journey whether it be to start your own business, consult on the side, or improve your corporate career, SFBU’s low student to faculty ratio, small class size, and campus means you have the opportunity to really get to know your fellow students, instructors, and to work your personal interests into course projects.

SFBU offers generous scholarships and grants that can make your degree practically free. Apply for scholarships that offer up to full tuition discounts. Available for qualified domestic and international students.