Top Tips for Enhancing the Bathing Experience 

We all know that taking a bath should be an enjoyable experience. Nothing beats relieving the stress and aches of a long day with a swirling pool of warm water to rejuvenate your body and mind. Moreover, water has therapeutic properties, and you must take your time to make yourself feel much better afterwards.

Enjoying a bath is essential because it is part of your self-care time. The privacy and relaxation the bath provides will restore your energy and help you relax. While you cannot always go to a spa, you can always invest in one of those walk in baths you have always been eyeing to approximate the experience regularly. Remember, taking care of your physical well-being will do great things for your mental health.

If you want to make your bath time even more enjoyable, here are some tips for your consideration.


While you soak, it would be great to lay back down and listen to relaxing music. You can either pipe in the music or use a waterproof radio or mobile phone, so you can have complete control over what you hear. We recommend soft jazz or classical music to help you soothe the aches away. The music will also set the mood for a good sleep which would complete the experience.


Who says you should only enjoy regular water while soaking in the tub? Adding scented oils, bath bombs, bath salts, petals or bubbles to your water will match the spa experience and help you feel better afterwards. You will also enjoy softer, more supple skin if you use such materials because most products have restorative properties, too.

Water jets

If you have a bathtub that can create water jets, you’re in luck. You can target specific body points to ease the pain and help you relax. The swirling water jets will also improve blood circulation and help lower blood pressure significantly. Coupled with the use of essential oils, you can enjoy the experience even more.

Mood lighting

It may seem a bit untraditional, but chromotherapy helps reduce stress levels, too. Studies show that lighting can induce various responses, and the colour of the light will determine your body’s reaction. For example, soft blue light offers you comfort and soothes your body, while red stimulates your brain and energizes you. Yellow light, meanwhile, calms you and makes you feel relaxed much faster.


While you’re soaking up, you can also indulge in your favourite beverage. Whether you prefer wine, a soda, or hot drinks, drinking it will contribute to the joyous feeling that you’re experiencing. Your good hormones will overflow, and you will feel much better after your bath.

A good book

If you’re one to read a good book while enjoying a good soak, who are we to stop you? You can bring in your latest page-turner and read it while you soak your tired muscles. Of course, you might just drift away after a bit, but it will help you relax your body and mind, and that’s what we’re after.


There are several ways to make your bath more enjoyable. You can select one or couple them with other suggestions to make the bath a truly relaxing experience.