Try Something New This Spring Break By Spending An Evening With Cirque du Soleil!

Have you ever put your home in the rearview mirror for a week away during Spring Break? Whether you are heading to Disney Springs to enjoy some fun in the sun and the World of Disney or you are angling for the best shows in Las Vegas this weekend, the team at Cirque du Soleil can take your vacation to the next level.

Before you book your Spring Break tickets, take some time to meet the team at Cirque du Soleil before booking the best last-minute tickets Las Vegas has to offer!

Fun in the Sun: World of Disney

Nestled in the heart of Disney Springs not far from Orlando, FL, fans of Disney and Cirque du Soleil will find themselves overwhelmed with joy at the latest iteration of Drawn to Life. This project is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Disney and Cirque du Soleil as memory makers and dream makers collide for something that the whole family can enjoy.

Drawn to Life follows the story of Julie as she uses her magical pencil to discover her late father’s latest animation, learning something about herself and her father’s magical work along the way. The classic vibe of Disney meets the dazzling choreography of Cirque du Soleil in a show that is as high flying as it is emotionally grounding.

Families and friends can find group package discounts on Drawn to Life shows.

Back to Vegas For Family Friendly Shows

Cirque du Soleil has considered Las Vegas one of its operating bases since the company moved out of Canada to become the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. During that time, Cirque du Soleil developed a host of great shows and family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas during your next Spring Break.

Let’s take a moment to highlight a few of our favorite family-friendly shows and last-minute ticket deals so that you can enjoy the best Las Vegas performers around!

The OG Show – Mystere at Treasure Island

First and foremost, families should take time out of their Spring Break to head to Treasure Island Hotel & Casino to embrace one of the oldest shows in the Cirque du Soleil stable: Mystere. This thrilling adventure-filled show features live music, absurdity, and jokes upon jokes upon jokes. Fit for the whole family, and this is one of the best ways to make your Spring Break one to remember.

The Beatles: LOVE

If you are with a group that loves music and can’t get enough of the greatest band of all time, you’ll want to head to the Mirage Hotel and Casino to enjoy a showing of The Beatles: LOVE. This sonic experience encapsulates every sense as the greatest sounds from the Beatles’ legendary career fill the air. Gravity-defying stunts underscore the Cirque du Soleil theme as your eyes will widen at every stunt!