Variations of Keno Tickets – How You Can Play Keno

This is among the popular lottery games nowadays. There are a variety of keno tickets and so i goes directly into explaining them.

• The Keno Race Horse Ticket: each number you draw is connected having a race horse previously. All you need to do is mark the figures you want to experience and you’ll be compensated according to the number of of individuals figures are attracted.

• Keno King Ticket: with this particular ticket you circle several, the dpi may be the king. It may be combined with other figures so that you can make straight or combination tickets.

• High Finish Tickets: this ticket provides you with several that’s pared and matched with other figures. These provide a greater pay-out compared to other kinds of keno and the like it’s greater risk.

• 20 Place Tickets: here you may choose 20 figures and your odds of winning are 18. The likelihood of winning are poor however since you may match 4, 5 or perhaps 6 figures without winning. The only real good factor is you will get back your hard earned money should you match figures and do not win.

• Top/ Bottom Tickets: with this particular ticket you decide on figures for 1 / 2 of check in it may be bottom or top, right or left. To win you need to match a minimum of 13 figures. The greater figures you match the greater the pay-out.

• Edges Tickets: this is comparable to the above mentioned but rather round the fringe of check in providing you with 32 choices.