All About PPP Scoping

Scoping the PPP project means identifying the prospective private partner’s work to achieve the project’s aims. Any parts of the project’s ppp scoping may theoretically be streamlined and excluded from the PPP project.

In the Aspects:

  • Jurisdiction Involved
  • Industry
  • Dimension
  • Form Contract

Benefits of private collaborations with the public:

  • Exploration of PPPs as a means of integrating technology and innovation in the private sector to provide quality public services through improved operational efficiency
  • Incentivizing the private sector to perform on schedule and inside the budget projects
  • Imposing budgetary clarity by determining existing and potential costs over time for infrastructure projects
  • Usage of PPPs to build skills in the local private sector through joint ventures with large multinational corporations and sub-contracting local firms’ opportunities.
  • Usage of PPPs to gradually expose state-owned companies and government to the levels of participation in the private sector and structure PPPs to ensure the transfer of skills leading to national champions.
  • Creating economic persistence by making the country more competitive in facilitating its infrastructure base and giving its industry a boost.
  • Supplementing limited capacity in the public sector to meet the rising demand for infrastructure growth
  • Extracting long-term value-for-money over the life of the project by sufficient risk transfer to the private sector, from design/building to operations/maintenance

As a result of the refined technical description, the project’s scope involves determining the scope of the service and the enterprise’s scope to be done by the private sector.