RCN is your favourite local internet provider

RCN is one of the most promising high-speed internet providers that offer reliable and affordable internet services to its customer in Boston. The internet speed provided by accident internet is up to 940 Mbps which is considered as one of the most promising has to speed internet connection. With the help of rcn internet connection, you will be able to experience a seamless Wi-Fi connection at your home that enables you to watch your favourite streaming videos online at a very fast and secure connection.

Optimise your Wi-Fi speed with the five easy steps

If you have faced a problem with your download speed because of the Wi-Fi interface then there is a possibility that various factors have made an influence your home Wi-Fi speed. Sometimes due to internet browsing and smart devices, it gets crowded on your wireless network which affects the Wi-Fi speed and you have to face slowing down of its speed. With the help of the following five easy steps, you will be able to optimise and boost your internet speeds to get high-level performance.

Step 1- Prevent Wi-Fi interface

There are various physical barriers like appliances and was that can impact the Wi-Fi speed in your home. Various materials like plaster metal or concrete hamper the Wi-Fi signal and make it difficult to penetrate. To overcome this problem it is advisable to minimise this barrier by placing your router in an open area when your router is away from these materials like in your living room so that your Wi-Fi will get a proper signal through the router.

Step 2- Move closer to the Wi-Fi router

To get most of the data at a high speed from your internet it became very important to create a direct line to your devices from the Wi-Fi router. It is advisable to avoid placing your Wi-Fi router in the basement, office, upstairs or attic. If you do so and plays your Wi-Fi in such areas then it becomes difficult for the Wi-Fi signal to reach properly in the devices and you have to face connectivity loss problem. Hence you should place the router at the centre of your home most preferably on the first floor. Moreover, to get the most out of your internet you can place the Wi-Fi router at an elevated position such as a shelf or a desk and in any condition, you should not hide your Wi-Fi router behind the cabinet or walls.

Step 3- Reduce the number of connected devices

If most of the devices are connected to your router then it will affect the speed of your Wi-Fi performance. Hence it is advisable to avoid multiple devices connected to your router. If you connect more devices to your Internet then a smaller portion of the Wi-Fi is distributed to each device that makes its speed slower. To overcome this problem and to boost the Wi-Fi speed you should limit the devices connected to a router and then experience the best speed of rcn internet.

Step 4- Password protect your Wi-Fi

To ensure that fewer devices are connected to your router your Wi-Fi must be password protected and for this purpose, you need to require that a password for any devices that join the network. If you haven’t protected your Wi-Fi with a password then your network is open and anyone will be able to connect their devices with your Wi-Fi connection that hampers its speed. Mohan there is a fear of Cyber threats also if your neighbour or friends can add their devices to your broadband which makes bogging down the internet speed. It is very important to prevent your Wi-Fi from the outside set and for this purpose, it becomes very important to secure your Wi-Fi network with a password to optimise the desired internet speed.

Step 5- Keep your devices clean

It is very important to keep your devices connected to your Wi-Fi router clean that includes your tablet laptop or smartphone to ensure its performance in the right way.

  • Close browsers: if you open more tabs to your device then it becomes hard for the Wi-Fi to work properly so you should close the browsers which are of no use and free up the Wi-Fi for other devices to work and connect.
  • Clear cookies: old searches which you have made make also cause the slowing down of your device and internet speed. Is very important to clear cookies on your specific device to let the Wi-Fi speed up and show the desired result.
  • Turn off devices: it is the easiest step but sometimes we forgot to turn off our devices. If you turn off your devices when they are not in use it will improve the functionality of the home wi-fi and affect its speed as well.