The Average Cost of Funeral Flowers

As with any momentous occasion, flowers serve as an essential element in a funeral. Unfortunately, it eats up a good chunk of the budget, but for a good reason.

The value of funeral flowers

Funeral flowers provide various functions. They may not speak, but they can convey a message more than words can say. They:

  • Symbolise how life is fleeting because flowers are like humans. They wither and die.
  • Keep the funeral setting a beautiful tribute to the life lived.
  • Express deep emotions of sympathy.
  • Serve as a token of respect.
  • Aid the bereavement process, acting as a good therapy for those left behind.

People also bring flowers as a funeral gift because they set an ideal tribute to the dearly departed. However, it is the funeral home’s primary duty to provide fresh blooms during the wake, like they do at They make sure that the floral arrangements in every memorial they handle charmingly suit the deceased’s personality, following the bereaved family’s wishes. The family spends around 30% if they insist for more flowers.

The average cost of funeral flowers

There are countless types of flowers used in funerals. This is because they symbolise different things. They also command a wide price range, depending on the type and size of the floral arrangement.

  • Casket spray. The floral spread you see on top of a casket is either half-size or full-size. If the casket is closed, the full-size casket spray is used. The half-size type keeps the top part exposed for an open-casket viewing. It may cost between £40 to £100.
  • Standing spray. This one is similar to the casket spray but arranged near the coffin, on both sides, and not on the casket. Several of these arrangements with a message of sympathy from friends and relatives help keep the stage, where the coffin is, a beautiful sight. It costs around £100 and up.
  • The circular floral arrangement symbolises eternal life. They are primarily used as a display at the door of the venue. However, people also commonly bring the wreath to the burial location, displayed at the coffin’s side during the send-off program. A wreath costs around £50 to £100.
  • Table centrepiece. Most funerals are catered and would require table arrangements. The caterer usually covers the cost, but if you order them from a florist, they range from £10 and up, depending on how elaborate the arrangement is.
  • Floral basket. For guests who decide to bring a floral arrangement as a present, the floral basket is their type of choice because it is cheaper than a standing spray. Some people also get floral baskets to the burial place to be positioned on the marker. The price is between £40 to £100 and above.

Floral arrangements are imperative at funerals. The price may go from £300 to close to £1,000, but that’s alright for most families. They could not have a funeral without the blooms. They set the mood at the venue, making the grief more bearable at times.